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Technaab Engeeniring Company
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About Technaab Engineering Company


Technaab Engineering Co. was established in 1992 for the purpose of participating in the country development and construction, and exporting engineering services, in the presence of some engineers and managers who had gained great experiences in various construction projects.

Potentials of the company

Technaab Co. owns the following capabilities as a result of relying on its experienced and specialized personnel:

  1. Civil public measures
  2. Concrete robust buildings
  3. Buildings, mechanical and electric installations of industrial buildings
  4. Buildings, mechanical and electric installations of official, trading, services, welfare, residential, athletic and particularly tall buildings
  5. Buildings, mechanical and electric installations of medical and hospital buildings
  6. Buildings, mechanical and electric installations of various cultural and education buildings
  7. Buildings, mechanical and electric installations of petrochemical, petroleum and power buildings
  8. Water, gas, and oil transfer lines in land

Registry information of the company

NameType of CompanyRegistration No.Place of registration
Technaab EngineeringPrivate joint stocks91930Tehran

Note: Technaab Co. possesses thru ranking in the field of construction (First grade), installations and equipment (First grade), mines and industry, water, and road and transportation from management and planning organization of the country. Moreover, the company was also recognized competent by the following companies and some others:

  • Iran National Oil Co.
  • Falat Qareh Oil Co.
  • National Co. of Southern Oil Reach Regions
  • Iran National Oil Engineering and Construction Co.
  • Iran National Petrochemical Co.
  • Iran National Gas Co.
  • Iran Sports Places Development and Maintenance Co.
  • Iran Khodro Sazeh Co.
  • Iran House Investment Co.
  • Bank Mellat Construction Co.
  • Iran National Steel Co.
  • Iran Medical Science University, and….
The company is also a member of contacting companies syndicate.

Rating & Liceses of Technaab

Contractor Competency from Management and Planning Organization

Technaab Engineering Company is a leading constructing company that achieved the first grade in construction, and the first grade in installation and equipment from Management and Planning Organization (Deputy in Presidential Conducting and Supervision) and has made perpetual efforts to accomplish its projects successfully in order to retain its reputation obtained through several years of attempts and endeavors by total group of Technaab Engineering Company in Iranian construction industry.
The company was established in 1992 for the purpose of Iran development and advancement, and rendering overseas engineering services which was fulfilled by the engineers and managers who had been fully experienced in various construction projects. At the present time, the company is taking greater steps to reach eminent organizational objectives by obtaining more experiences.


Membership in Associations

Technaab Engineering Company has always tried to fulfil its service responsibilities effectively by membership in associations and syndicates. The company has participated in expertise, technical, and managerial meetings of the related associations in order to contribute to the country development and construction, and bring up honor and prosperity for Iran through its global activities.

The Associations That Technaab Is Member In Them
Item Name of syndicate or scientific association Country Start of membership
1 International Consultants and Contractor Association of Iran Iran 2005
2 Dubai industries and trade association Emirate 2008
3 Construction companies association Iran 2008
4 Construction developers association Iran 2009
5 Quality management society of Iran Iran 2006
6 Iranian Syndicate of contractor companies for
Industrial Equipment and Installation
Iran 2006
7 Iranian Association of Transportation Engineering Iran 2008
Liceses of Membership in Associations

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Assurance

CEOs in Technaab Engineering Company are aware of the fact that function improvement and organizational perfection depend on establishment of managerial systems, quality management and applying new methods, higher effectiveness and efficiency. They believe that quality plays critical role in the current economic competitive space, and managers can achieve stability and durability in their economic organizations through the weapon of quality. Therefore, quality management systems are deemed the main efficient instruments to achieve organizational advancement and perfection.
Having been aware that structural amendments are inevitable in managerial affairs, CEOs of Technaab Engineering Company established Quality Assurance division in its organizational chart in 2003 as management representative of the company in order to achieve its eminent objectives in quality management system as per standards ISO 9001.
As a leading construction company regarding quality, Technaab Engineering Company received international certificate of ISO9001 in 2005 as a result of its managers and personnel's efforts to improve executive processes aiming at elevating the defined quality and improving all activities and divisions to increase customer's satisfaction through establishment of quality management systems.
Following development of tis managerial systems, Technaab Engineering Company planned for environment management system ISO 14001, and safety management and industrial protection system OHSAS 18001 in 2006 in order to achieve a comprehensive quality assurance.
Due to continuous maintenance activities, this company takes necessary actions every year to assess and measure the existing data, do the amending and protecting processers form the feedback of various divisions, and finally achieve the highest efficiency and effectiveness in its managerial systems following the accomplished alterations.

Licenses Of Quality Assurance

Letters Of Appreciation

Since 1992, Technaab Engineering Company has gained its clients' satisfaction by performing small and big projects as a result of exploiting its engineering knowledge and experience. This significance stems from the company's outlook in customer-orientation and execution of projects timely and with high quality.
"Quality policy is proper and parallel with organizational objectives and customers' ideas and demands. It is a framework used to set and review the quality objectives, and is understood, executed, and protected in all organizational levels, and is revised in CEOs meetings for the purpose of continuous appropriateness".

Letters Of Appreciation

Member of the board of directors

Full nameKamyar AlamiKourosh AlamiAfshin Hoseini
EducationMaster degree in Mechanical engineeringBachelor in Mechanical engineeringBachelor in Mechanical engineering
ExperienceSince 1981Since 1986Since 1991

Profession, technology

To date, the company has gained the technology and experience of constructing various buildings such as trading, sports, cultural, hospital, medical,… and concrete metal skeletons of various buildings, fabricated concrete structures; and general civil activities plus complete execution of mechanical and electric installations of all buildings; erecting installations and equipment of several factories. All such experiences are due to technical and professional teams of execution together and machinery, planning technology, project control, and project expenditure engineering.

Quality Management

Since the beginning Technaab Engineering Co. has been fully aware of the significance of quality in its products and services. Therefore, its CEOS have always made strategic decisions to gain distinctive local grades by applying quality management systems and a variety of international patterns.
The following systems and standards are now applied for effective progress of objectives and consistent improvement of the organization and its products and services:

  • Iso 9001: 2008 in quality management from Tuv intecert Germany
  • Membership in Iran Quality management association
  • EFQM system as per European models and the rules governing models in Iran
  • Iso 14001: 2004 in environment management from Tuv Germany
  • QHSAS 18001: 2007 in professional health, and safety management from Tuv Germany
  • HSE-MS from Tuv Germany

Man Force

At present, there are 500 specialized personnel in the company including technicians, official and financial personnel as well procurement and supporting ones who are employed in executive projects and the head office.
Generally, the man forces of the company are employed in executive projects and the head office:

  • Management, supervising, and technical man force: 20%
  • Official, financial, and services man force: 15%
  • Technical executive man force (skilled and amateur): 65%

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