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Technaab Projects

Shahid Mohamadi hospital renovation

Shahid Mohamadi hospital renovation and strengthening-Bandarabas

This is the first and the largest medical center in the country in which exploitation, reconstruction, reinforcement were simultaneously executed. The hospital consists of 2 parts: one in 6 storeys and another in 3 storeys. The total area is 16000sqm.
As the employer required the largest medical center in Bandarabas to be simultaneously reinforced and reconstructed without any stop in exploiting the building and giving services by the hospital. Therefore, all brickworks, finishing, and installations of each floor were destructed and collected following its evacuation and then its old concrete structure was repaired by mono top mortar, latex adhesive and Icosit resin.
As a consequence, all damaged concrete of beams, slabs, and pillars was destructed and substituted with the said materials. Were secured and reinforced against earthquake sheering forces by the whole beams GFRP fibers and FR20 and FR10 resins. Afterwards, the concrete sheering walls were built unwardly by enforcement and further concrete placing, and finally the floors were reconstructed as per the existing plan in all architectural and installations operations.

Shahid Mohamadi hospital renovation
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