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Constructing Sports For Kerman Province Gas

Project application: Supplying a proper place for holding sport games with national standards and advanced facilities; accommodating athletes; holding cultural congresses and conferences for the personnel of National Gas and Oil Companies and in state levels were the main reasons to construct this project.
Being located in an area of over 19386sqm with the potentials of holding all types of sports (ball, saloon, water) matches, holding meetings in conference saloon, and possessing all recreational and residential facilities have caused the project to be of high importance.
Type of project: Civil, mechanical, HVAC, piping, electrical
Period: 24 months
Location: Kerman, in 19386sqm area
Specific features: 19386sqm area; a saloon for ball sports with 650-spectator- capacity; a cultural and sport saloon including bowling, shooting and etc.; an official part, and…

The cultural and sport complex consists of 4 storeys including parking, kitchen, restaurant, pool, wrestling/body training/ Tekvando/ gymnastic/ table tennis/ billiard/ chess saloons; amphitheater, classrooms, residential zones and multi-purpose saloons.
There are the most advanced air conditioning, thunder bolt absorber, fire alarm and control, absorbing chillers, emergency power diesel generators, and fan systems in both parts.
The above facilities, appropriate space for residents and reporters, and advanced audio-visual systems reveal the high potentials of the project in holding matches and congresses.

Constructing Sports For Kerman Province Gas
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