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Technaab Engeeniring Company
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Tehran Stock Market Central Building

The significance of reinforcing financial markets as mentioned in the 20-years. Perspective of the country as well as the increase in financial transactions by the first economic center of the country, i.e. Stock Marekt, and the strategic program of Tehran Stock Market Organization for improvement of physical location of the organization have all caused the construction of the new building of this market in 2012.
Since the said organization is the leading one in financial market, the project of its new construction should be unique and as brilliant as its position in the country with a life span of over 200 years.
The project is situated in Saadatabad- Tehran with an area of 35000sqm. It consists of 18 storeys and is included among green buildings. It entails special spaces such as data controlling center, amphitheater, stocks hall, banks representatives and correspondents, gallery and museum, CIP, specialized library, conference rooms, managerial/economic/supporting/executive domains, green roof, and parking in 4 storeys. All installations systems are centralized and run with fully smart systems.

Employer: Tehran Stock Market
Project manager: Tosseh Kalbodi Asia consulting Engineers Co.
Advisors: Hasteh Tarahi Co., architectural and urbanization engineers, Hadi Tehrani Eng. Co.
Supervisor: Tadbir Sahel Pars Consulting Eng. Co.
Contractor: Technaab Eng. Co. (Engineering services, purchasing, and execution)
Subject of contract: executing completion of the buildings, mechanical and electrical installations, landscaping for the construction of Tehran Stock Market Organization
Contract number: 130/48530
Price: Rls 32,293,403,646
Area: 35000sqm
Period: 15 months
Date of advice: 12.May.2014
Date of termination: 13.Aug.2015

Tehran Stock Market Central Building
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